MCI Express

Our Concepts


Direct Delivery = Secure Delivery

MCI Express’s direct delivery service is the proven method of shipping. It eliminates the margin for error encountered with break bulk stations – there is no possibility of losing, damaging or misrouting freight. Direct delivery gives us the flexibility to expedite your time-sensitive shipment at almost half the time of other LTL carriers yet at the same price to you. We handle your freight one time, from pick-up to delivery.


When we schedule a service delivery appointment, we keep it. MCI Express moves predominantly service sensitive freight, including sale merchandise, dated material and goods due for on-time deliveries to meet schedules, appointments, waiting riggers, planes and ships. Our growing customer base recognizes when time is of the essence, MCI Express is the answer.


All MCI Express trucks are equipped with the latest QualComm OmniTRACS satellite-based communications, giving us the most sophisticated fleet management system available. Hourly position reports enable us to pinpoint exactly where your freight is and to give you accurate ETAs.

Immediate communications with our drivers enables us to promptly dispatch them to your location, resulting in rapid response times on outbound and inbound freight pick-up.


When it comes to technology, MCI Express doesn’t stand still. We use technology to stay not one, but several steps ahead of your transportation needs. Our comprehensive transportation management system includes electronic logging, communication messaging, detailed routing, automated diagnostic checks and EDI capability. We continuously enhance our system to accommodate the changes you’re facing as today’s demanding business climate affects the way you ship freight and goods.


To ensure premier customer service and driver support, MCI Express’s brokerage division manages third-party logistics. This provides us with the flexibility to efficiently handle your incremental truck capacity demand during seasonal spikes or quarter-end surge demands. We can find a truck anywhere to move your freight when you need it moved.


We hold Common, Contract and Broker Authority under the Interstate Commerce Commission regulations to operate anywhere in the contiguous 48 states, Canada and Mexico through the gateway city of Laredo. Our two terminals-in Miami, Florida and Laredo, Texas-enable us to provide first-class service anywhere you need to pick up or deliver.

Previous regulatory trade barriers to North America and Mexico have been eased, fostering enhanced business transactions. As a result, we have developed many business relationships in both Canada and Mexico. To assist in these growing marketplaces, MCI Express employs bilingual professionals and regulatory experts well-versed in the practices and cultures of these diverse regions.


Our people behind the scene are just as important as our drivers on the road. At both terminals, our dispatchers and customer service representatives really get to know your individual needs. They have the experience and up-to-date information to guide your shipments through road restrictions and determine the fastest and safest routes for your overweight and over dimensional loads.

At the touch of a button, we can access information on traffic and equipment, provide you with a cost-effective estimate from our computerized rating and quote department, tell you the exact location of your load, or find the truck or specialized equipment you need for your priority shipment now!


We base our business on one underlying principle: to operate at peak performance so we can help you successfully deliver your freight safely, securely and on-time. This commitment demands that we remain responsive, flexible and innovative so we can apply our best thinking and resources to each individual customer situation. We realize that to be successful our customers must value us as true business partners, requiring that we offer the absolute best in technological superiority, trucking service benefits and customer service.