About Us


MCI Express is truly a unique company because of the diversity of services it provides. It holds Common, Contact and Broker Authority under the Interstate Commerce Commission regulations, and is a customs bonded and Haz-Mat certified carrier. As such, it provides all the services of a national carrier, including warehousing and storage.

The company has successfully gained a niche as an expedite or specialized carrier moving predominantly service sensitive freight in state-of-the art dry vans or reefers, for frozen and chilled commodities. It has developed a growing customer base that requires prompt reliable service when time is of the essence.

This includes hauling sale merchandise, dated materials and goods that are due for on-time deliveries to meet schedules, appointments and waiting riggers. MCI guarantees the prompt, reliable service of a direct delivery carrier.

Leading the management team are the same two principals who started hauling produce in 1973. They, combined with the sales and dispatch personnel, have a total of 101 years of experience. Together they share a common goal to be the number one carrier in South Florida.

With the support of skilled mechanics , which posess the knowledge, experience and facilities needed we can keep our equipment running smoothly. Together, our drivers, mechanics and equipment make MCI Express one of the safest truck fleets on the road today.

MCI Express Clients

MCI´s unwavering commitment to service has earned it the trust of all our clients, which include many of America´s top companies. We´d be proud to welcome you into our family of valued customers.


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